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    Browser Based
    Building Management System
    Try out Open Management for free today and see how you can improve your business process and software.
    Din-Rail Mounted Server
    Simple and easy rail mounted server/controller with pre-installed Open Management software.
    Touchscreen & Controller
    Use one device as the server, controller and interface with pre-installed Open Management software or as just a touchscreen for any project.

    Be versatile &

    completely scalable

    No matter what the size, the same software is expandable to hundreds of controllers. Our product is about controlling and monitoring anything from a garage door to a complete campus wide network. With everything you need on-board.

    Reduce your time

    & resources

    Don't waste seconds of your time anymore with having to repeat simple tasks.

    • With pre-built user interface.
    • Programming block and controller templating.

    Simple & easy


    With very limited knowledge you can be up and running in minutes with a few quick videos to guide you through the process.

    Be secure &

     hassle free

    within any IT infrustrature, and .....

    Become software &

    device independent

    100% compliant with HTML5, these graphics can be displayed on any compliant browser. No plugins to install or special ports to open up. So it’s easily integrated into any corporate network and IT infrustrature.


     your costs

    purchase a one off unlimitied license or license limited to a number of sedona controllers.


     should use this system

    If you want to integrate and automate a building of any size then join our community of like minded professionals.

    Home Owner

    If you are interested in automating your garage door, your irrigation or something else in your home this simple to use controller can have you turning on the sprinklers in your garden from your office or anywhere in the world in minutes.

    Electrical and HVAC Contractors

    Any sized contractor can add this product to their offering and open up huge new opportunities for them and their customers. With only very basic training all available free of charge from this website.

    Large Scale BMCS Contractors

    If you’re a BMCS contractor this product will allow you to install in any IT environment without the need for the normal interaction with the IT department. Because of its use of Pure HTML and JavaScript this system will be at home on any corporate IT infrastructure.


     & features


    Create any logic blocks you can think of.

    Graphing / Reporting

    Create historical trends of points for on-going system monitoring.

    Networking Management

    Connect and manage your network of devices.

    Users Management

    Control & modify who has access to what in the system.


    Get notifications if there are issues you need to rectify.

    Graphics Editor

    Drag & drop to make beautiful graphics in minutes.

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    Begin your new journey of business freedom today!

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